Working on a large, studio watercolor.

Atmospheric Landscapes Online Class

Classes | April 11, 2020

Join Maria live online as she shares techniques for painting minimal atmospheric landscapes in watercolor.
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Watercolor still life paintings of fruit by Samantha Dion Baker.

Live Demo Series

Demos | April 03, 2020

Join Maria as she paints with other artists, every Friday for a new live demo series.
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Art Toolkit nestled in sustainable packaging.

Sustainable Packaging

Behind the Scenes | March 25, 2020

It’s been nearly a year since we ditched plastic in our packaging to move to more eco-conscious materials, and we haven’t looked back.
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Sketching at Fort Worden.


Inspiration | March 12, 2020

Adventures to the far corners of the earth can be exciting and romantic, but aren’t necessarily something you can fit into a typical weekend, much less an afternoon! There are lots of ways to find smaller adventures if you’re willing to look for them.
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Watercolor painting of a meadow on the Oregon coast by artist Molly Hashimoto.

Pacific Northwest Palette

Palettes of Place | March 11, 2020

A new limited-edition series of color collections: Palettes of Place.
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Pocket Palette with an assortment of watercolor pans.

Palette Pan Arrangements

Behind the Scenes | March 10, 2020

How many possible combinations of pans in a Pocket Palette?
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Painting by Chelsea Ward (@sketchynotions).

Sketchy Notions

Featured Artist | March 09, 2020

Chelsea Ward (aka @sketchynotions) is an artist and plant-lover who creates colorful and whimsical sketches and stationery.
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The Pocket Palette and Demi Palette compared in size.

Palette Evolution

Behind the Scenes | March 01, 2020

Ten years on, a look at the evolution of the Pocket Palette.
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