Rosemary & Co R12 Pocket Dagger

Compact and expressive.


These travel brushes are the perfect companions to the Art Toolkit and Pocket Palette for sketching on the go. The R12 dagger is a sable/synthetic blend that can create fine expressive marks with its tip, as well as wide, calligraphic strokes with its angled side.

Side-by-side image of Rosemary R9 and R12 brushes.

Rosemary & Co travel brushes are handmade in England and include a reversible cap that protects their tips and also extends their handles to a typical brush length.

We also stock the R9 Medium Squirrel, a versatile brush with a high capacity for paint and applying washes, as well as a fine point for detail. These brushes complement each other beautifully, though both work well as a stand-alone brush.